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Growing up on the Isle of Palms, SC, I've always felt connected to the water. After graduating at the College of Charleston with a Computer Science/ Business major, I decided to become a digital nomad and moved onto my sailboat with my 3 legged dog, Cooper.

I freelance website developement and video edit for my own channel, Maritimes, and others. On the side I am perfecting my fermented hot sauce recipes, Spicey Gringo. I am currenly working on obtaining full licensing and funding so I can begin selling the sauces at market as well as working on my captains lisence to continue with Maritimes ventures.

I am A

Spicy Gringo

I am in the process of building a fermented hotsauce company located in Charleston SC called Spicy Gringo LLC. Find out more about it by clicking the button below!


Days after graduating In May 2017, I decided I wanted to buy a sailboat to liveaboard. That is when I moved onto the SV Condor. Ive been living on it for almost 2 years now and sail multiple times a week. Follow me and my dogs adventures on my youtube channel!


I graduated from the College of Charleston with a Computer science and marketing degree in 2017. I still actively freelance website developement, digital design, and video editing. Check out my portfolio in the link below.


I enjoy creating, sailing, surfing, and travel content on my youtube channel, Maritimes. Some pretty entertaining stuff, go subscribe if ya are into it!

Spicy Gringo

Check out the Spicy Gringo Sauce website to keep up to date with whats spicy and support the story. Sauces are currently in proto type stage and working on FDA approval, should be available for shipping summer 2019. However SP apparel and accesories are ready for shipments and your enjoyment!

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Email: garrauxjc@g.cofc.edu

Phone: 8432596270

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